Innenansicht eines Mercedes AMG CLE 2024, mit elegantem Design, luxuriösen Ledersitzen und modernem digitalen Armaturenbrett mit roter Ambientebeleuchtung.

AMG Calendar: Experience the Power and Elegance of AMG Month by Month

For decades, Mercedes-AMG has stood for outstanding performance and an unparalleled driving experience, which we reflect not only in our advanced
AMG Performance Garage but also in our calendars. Discover the world of Mercedes-AMG in a new way with our AMG calendar.


Mercedes-AMG is the epitome of thrills, passion, and unbridled dynamics. Our 2025 calendar captures all of this – each month anew and surprisingly different. It’s an homage to the high-performance worlds of Mercedes-AMG. Impressively staged – from urban to natural, from vibrant to relaxed – the untamed power and dominant presence of our vehicles is unmistakable in every motif. For those who embrace every curve as a challenge, who experience speed as pure emotion, and who view design as a personal statement. For The World’s Fastest Family.


Estimated delivery time end of October/beginning of November

Product number: 10022536-P


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Add a touch of extravagance and passion to your home with two unique calendars from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Design Calendar 2025
The first of its kind, designed by Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener and his team, features exclusive design sketches and visualizations. With 24 aesthetically pleasing motifs, it showcases 12 different showcars and production vehicles that are true works of art.

G-Class Calendar 2025
For over 45 years, the G-Class has stayed true to its DNA, combining iconic design with outstanding off-road performance. With the new, fully electric G 580 and EQ technology, a new chapter begins. The calendar features 12 breathtaking images of the legendary off-roader and promises 365 days of adventure.

G-Class Calendar 2025

Mercedes-Benz Design Calendar 2025